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THE Wines Favorites of Los FAMOUS

Drinking good wine is one of the greatest pleasures of life, whenever it is moderated (of course). And the famous do not lose the opportunity to enjoy it and even some of producing it.

And it is that, a wine, a drink and thousands of stories come on with each discork. The magic of tasting a good red and a chardonnay of white and transparent grapes remains intact for centuries of civilization, and although people who love vitiviniculture are innumerable, certain celebrities of the artistic, football and literature world stand out for their true Love for this noble drink and at Mesa16 we are going to review them.

The most well-known actress and model in history Marilyn Monroe.she loved to take after a long day of recording a sweet wine, the Sherry. Whose denomination of origin is the oldest in Spain (Jerez-Xérès-Sherry) and has a tradition that goes back to three millennia. Jerez has a genuine and unique character in the world, an extreme uniqueness granted by the Atlantic climate of the so-called Triangle of the Frame, the Albariza Earth, the Grapes (Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel), the personality of its hundred centers and the Particularities of their processing processes (the peculiar system of breeding and solery by which they age).

The actor Brad Pitt It has its own wine called Chateau Miraval., which is made at the heart of the French Provence hidden in the private valley of the old town of Correns, with an extension of vineyard of 500 hectares and surrounded between centennial forests, olive trees and vineyards, with an excellent Provencal climate. Beautiful, pale, pink petal, elegant with bright nuances. A beautiful aromatic expression. With aromas of fresh fruit and spring flowers, refreshing acidity, with great minerality and saline finish.

The preferred wine of Jack Nicholson. is he Veuve Clicquot., whose name comes from "the widow (Veuve) Madame Clickquot". While clicked was not the first house where the champagne occurred, Madame Clicky was known at the end of her life, when she was almost 90 years old, like the Great Lady of the Champagne region, where these famous sparkling wines were born.

The former president of the United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle They are lovers of good wines and at home in Chicago have a cellar of more than a thousand bottles. On a recent trip to France, Michelle enjoyed a dinner with the first lady in which she drank Hugel. "Tradition" Pinot Gray, harvest 2005, prepared by the prestigious Hugel winery, located in the Alsace region, France, which was founded in 1639.

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