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Sparkling and fruits: The ideal combination for summer


The world of sparkling wines is very broad and often we usually confuse the different options that exist in the market. These wines are those that are carbonated with dissolved gas and this gas is obtained Through a second wine fermentation. Although all sparkling wines share this characteristic, they differ by their elaboration and process. For this reason, different options such as the cava, champagne, cream or prosecco are obtained.


The sparkling people have been present over time in different cultures to provide in celebrations, share with friends, family and also to create incredible mixes and enjoy a delicious and refreshing cocktail on any occasion.


The favorite combination of many people at the time of choosing a sparkling is par excellence with fruits as it contributes that touch of freshness that will make your palate explode from flavor. Today we want to tell you four combinations that you can do at home with your favorite sparkling, some fruits and so surprise your guests over high.


  •  Sparkling wine cocktail with strawberry and blueberries

If you can not resist the fruits of the forest, this cocktail is for you. A mixture of acidic flavors with a little sweetness and finished with a first quality sparkling.



  • 1 cranberry jam
  • 2 tablespoons of minced mint
  • 1/2 cups of strawberry
  • 1/2 cups of raspberry
  • Mint leaves to taste
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine Bordelet Poire Authentique.


In a bowl mix the cranberry jam with mint.Place in a mold for ice, and freeze for 3 hours.In a glass of sparkling wine places my marmalade ice, strawberries, raspberries and decorate mint. Fill with sparkling wine Bordelet Poire Authentique. and enjoy.

  • Bellini.

    Refreshing and soft. These are the characteristics of the incredible Cocktail Bellini. With only 4 ingredients you can create this magnificent combination and refresh your spring days.




    Mix 2/3 of foamingAndre Clouet Grande Reserve with 1/3 of peach juice, ice and sugar. If you want you can add a few drops of lemon to contribute a citric touch and decorate with a cherry.

  • Lemon Champ.

    This is an acid and refreshing cocktail for any occasion. Perfect for those afternoons where it's hot and you feel like a cold cocktail.



    Pour the ice cream in a jar and 1/2 liter of foamingG.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne And beat hard until the ice cream begins to melt. It serves this mixture in the cups in half and the rest combine it with a cold foaming.

  • Mimosa
  • It is the favorite and most famous of many. The mimosa is the cocktail par excellence for brunch and for those incoming afternoons with friends and family. A refreshing combination that will give you energy and hydration at any time of the day. 


    • 3 oranges, for juice
    • Digging Viña Pomal Brut Reserve
    • 1 slice of orange, in quarters to decorate
    • 2 cherries in syrup, to decorate



    On a short table and squeeze the oranges to get the juice. In a flute cup pours orange juice and stuffed with the cava Viña Pomal Brut Reserve, Decorate with an orange room, a cherry and enjoy.


    Although there are many options and varieties to create sparkling-based cocktails, you can also let your imagination fly and design new cocktails based on fruits and other elements such as peppermint, mint or spices. Do not forget to always have at home the best options of foaming Mesa16. By the time you feel like creating these unique combinations and enjoying a different day.


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