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The most lively IT 'drink that has been served so far.

It has become the preferred beverage of the fashionistas when they need a quick stimulant: after all, all those parties, releases and dinners can pass invoice.

¿Do you want to know your story and how to do it to surprise your guests? At Mesa16 We teach you how to make the Espresso Martini. Perfect at home in just one minute.

Espresso Martini was born in the year 1984 when the United Kingdom went into the world as a safe and irreverent creative heart. In the Soho and up alcohol from the early 1980s, the bartender Dick Bradsell He created this "work of art". Combining Coffee, vodka and coffee liqueur, Bradsell conceived the first Espresso Martini and the scene of the SOHO clubs completely changed and during the 1990s, the cocktail would be a niche creation that Bradsell and his confidants become the mascot of the bars and Private clubs in London, since the American cocktail and the European coffee culture rooted in the capital simultaneously.

A tearing mixture of Caffeine, alcohol and sugar, For the change of millennium, Espresso Martini was the emblematic beverage chosen by young British artists, British stars, supermodel and experts in gossip columns.

Like all the great heroes, the myth of its origin is involved in mystery. Supposedly, Bradsell mixed it at the moment using remains of grains of a coffee machine for a model, which is rumored was Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, when he entered his bar and ordered a cocktail that "WAKE ME UP AND THEN F ** K ME UP"

We share the recipe so you can enjoy this cocktail as never before you had done it.


50 ml of vodka.

25 ml of coffee liqueur.

1 Shot of espresso coffee.

1 pinch of salt flower.

3 coffee beans to decorate.


Add the ingredients to a shaker.

Fill the shaker with ice cubes and strong waves.

Make a double casting a previously cooled coupette cup.

Decorate with three coffee beans.

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