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What is the healthiest spirit?

Not all alcoholic beverages are equal: there are some who are not as harmful as others. And others that do not fatten so much. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.


Christmas gets past more, it's a fact! If a few years ago the exit gun gave him the raffle of the fattery's fat and farewell and close his Majesties from the East, now everything starts before. We return from the bridge of the Immaculate and the Constitution and we started a marathon. So we arrived in January with the language outside. Ah ... and get fat. Go that if we get fat.

Between two and five kilos we increase the Spaniards on these dates, according to a study conducted by the NC Health Group, in which 200,000 people from Spain have participated. Yes, we can blame the panettones, nougats of all kinds, lamb and gold, but the truth is that alcohol

It is also responsible. At Christmas we drink. And a lot. And we can not forget that alcohol has calories, which increase the more graduation triggers.

But, Is there a type of alcohol that fatters more than another? Is there anyone who is healthier than others? Our experts tell you the keys to know what cocktails are the most recommendable if we are on a diet or if we just do not want to fatten more than the account but we want to continue enjoying.

For our experts, The most healthy type of alcohol is red wineBut his response has nothing to do with calories. We recommend this drink because is a Great source of polyphenols, a type of antioxidants, which inhibit the growth of carcinogenic cells and prevents damage to arteries and veins. What's more It contains a lot of quercetin, a natural anti-inflammatory.

The second healthier spirit, surprise, It is not cider or beer, but the RonThe expert argues that it is a drink made with fermented molasses and pressed sugar cane, ingredients that can Help reduce anxiety, combat muscle pain and even prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and Alzheimer's.

The expert grants the Bronze Medal Al Tequila, because the agaves of the Blue Agave plant, from which this strong drink is obtained, will not increase the blood sugar level.

So if you want to be healthy your choice should be: red wine, rum and tequila.

The worst option is the mixture. People forget that when asking for a combination, the sugars are being multiplied. If you are already taking enough calories of more with a liquor

Strong, and then add a soda that is not light, you are adding those calories to the mix. What would generally be a 50-calorie drink can become a drink of 240 calories.

Even so, The most important thing is moderation at the time of drinkingA glass of red wine is healthier than a glass of a combined. But drink a whole bottle of wine only is not under any circumstance, by many antioxidants containing. So the important thing, as always, is not to go.

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